Career Assessment Tools

Get career guidance and planning. These career assessment tools will help you find the best career for your personality, skills and abilities. Help your decision making process with the most recent, local data on wages, employments, and associated education & training. With online career resources, you can make smart decisions about your future!

Career Dimensions: Exploring Your Work Preferences

Career Dimensions: Exploring Your Work Preferences is based on the research and development used in the Personality Dimensions assessment model. It focuses on your professional and work life, matching your personality tendencies with potential career categories. Completing this assessment will assist first time job seekers as well as those looking to make a career change. By reviewing your natural talents, work values, leadership style, work philosophy, major job stressors, and preferred tasks, job seekers can more accurately identify their areas of interest. This assessment tool is meant to provide a starting point for job seekers and should be used in conjunction with other assessment tools, research, and the support of an Employment Consultant. 

This assessment is paper-based and does not require online access.

The Career Dimensions assessment can be found in our Employment Service Resource Centre.